Digital Marketing

My Experience:

  • Worked with startups and medium-sized business projects at senior, ops and lead levels.
  • Understand eCommerce, campaigns, funnels, SEM, affiliate marketing and lead generation.
  • Mostly self-taught Front-end Developer with alot of back-end experience.
  • Years of direction and feedback by experienced mentors/code wizards.
  • Working in the industry since first year of college (2009, UNM HSC) and been coding (C, Java, Perl) since highschool.
  • Also have logo/web design and photo editing skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I can communicate
and empathize with
your client.

What I can do:

  • Communicate frequently, clearly and honestly with all of your stakeholders, written or verbal.
  • Integrate API's and automate tedious tasks.
  • Iterate to a 100 in Google's Core Web Vitals or help you implement modern SEO strategies.
  • Build or extend an MPA or SPA in PHP, Rails, or Javascript.
  • Build or extend an Expression Engine, Shopify, DNN, Joomla or WordPress site.
  • Consultations and scoping services for proposals and contracts.

Stack Experience

  • 3+ professional projects : Wordpress, DNN, Webpack, Node.js, Vanilla JS, Joomla, DNN, Expression Engine, Middleman, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Sass/SCSS, jQuery, MySQL, Git.
  • 2 professional projects : Rails, Laravel, Shopify
  • 1 professional project : React and Angular
  • Hobby Projects : React, Vue, Python (Django) and Angular
  • Took a class : All of the above plus C, C#, Java and Perl.